Aysgarth Garage

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Renew engine oil (Shell 10/40 - 15/40)
Renew oil filter
Carry out safety check
Re-set service interval light
Stamp & update service record

Strip down, clean, check and adjust all brakes inc handbrake & mechanisms
Check condition of all steering components
Check & adjust tracking (if required)
Check condition of all wheel bearing

MOT Special This month

Only £50.00

Renew engine oil (shell 10/40 - 15/40) 
Renew oil filter
Check & top up Coolant & antifreeze
Check & pressure test cooling system
Top up and add screen wash
Check condition & pressure of all tyres
Check battery & alternator charge rate & top up cells if required
Check condition of exhaust system & mountings
Check operation of all lights
To include all items in Silver & Gold PLUS:
Plug in diagnostic computer/report on any fault codes and rectify
Renew spark plugs or diesel filter
Renew air filter element
Remove & clean pollen filter
Check & top up gearbox diff oil levels
Power wash exterior & under wheel arches

* Please note some vehicles may incur extra charges on specialist parts & lubricants